Event Information

Event Timing
The race is on the 29th of November with a race start of 7am for the 9 hour course, 9am for the 6 hour course, and 10am for the 3 hour course. The prize giving will be held after the last team in each event has finished, around 4pm for the 3 hour, and 6pm for the 6 and 9 hour events.

Team Size
You can race in a team of 3 or 4 people.

Team Categories
There are 2 age categories available in each race duration, Junior, and Open. Junior teams must have previous experience in outdoor events. All members in a Junior team must be under the age of 20 on race day. Any competitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

These age categories are then split into men's, women's, and mixed categories.

Prizes will be given to the fastest team in each category. Thanks to our generous sponsors we will have a fantastic array of spot prizes that everyone will go into the draw to win.

Support Crew
No support crews are required.

The race is unsupported. That means you have to do all your transitions yourself. This creates an even playing field and means you don’t have to rope in support crew. Friends and family are of course welcome to come to cheer you on and take photos. There will be plenty of spots along to course to view the race. For junior teams we allow an adult to assist with transitions.

The races will start and finish in the same place so you don’t have to sort any transport. There is no gear bag transport this year. So you will need to carry your trekking shoes with you for the bike sections, or use flat pedals with your trekking shoes.

Personal Locator Beacon
Due to a lack of cellphone coverage on parts of the course we require teams to carry a personal locator beacon with them at all times. Safety Beacons NZ have kindly offered to provide these to competitors at no cost to help ensure their safety out on the course.

Compulsory Gear

Individual (must be carried by each person)
Survival Blanket
Thermal top long-sleeved - Merino or Polyprop
Thermal bottoms
Thermal gloves
Water proof Jacket - ( this must be seamed sealed ) no wind breakers, plastic ponchos, puffer jackets)
Cycle helmet
Head lamp with spare batteries
Mountain Bike (brakes must work, wheels safe, tires in good condition)
Rear Red Flashing Bike light
Running shoes
Food & water - Race day is likely to be hot so ensure you take adequate water, there will not be aid stations out on the course.

First Aid kit
– Minimum: triangular bandage, crepe bandage, strapping tape, knife, antihistamine, gauze bandage
Compass - 1 per team
Maps x 2 (Provided)
Cell Phone (Fully Charged)
Personal Locator Beacon (Will be provided by organisers on race day)

Gear Check
This will be at the registration. You will need to have and carry the items on the gear list.

We will also collecting the cell phone number from the phone you will be taking. There will be spot gear checks during the race and if you don’t have an item a 1hr time penalty will be given to your team.

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their equipment (including bike) is in good condition. However the event organisers reserve the right to prevent participants from starting if they feel that the condition of their equipment poses a risk to themselves or others.

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