The Crazy Kea Adventure Race

Thanks for your interest, entries in this event are now closed.

Early entries closed on midnight Sunday the 12th of September

All entries closed midnight Sunday 28th November, 1 week before the event.

Your team can be of either 3 or 4 people

Entry Fees

4 Hour Early Standard

Junior (U20) $50pp $60pp

Senior $90pp $120pp

8 Hour Early Standard

Junior (U20) $60pp $80pp

Senior $120pp $150pp

12 Hour Early Standard

Junior (U20) $80pp $100pp

Senior $150pp $180pp

For family teams simply add the individual entries of each member. For example, an Adult and two Juniors entering early in the 4hr would be $90 + $50 + $50 = $190. Please include the age of your junior team members in brackets.


Use the entry service linked above to enter and make payment. If you have any difficulty with this please contact us via email and we can help you with it.

This year we are offering two payment options, POLi internet bank transfer and credit/debit card payment. Payment by POLi has no fees. Payment by card incurs a 2.8% processing fee charged by the transaction provider.

You will receive a confirmation email once your team's payment has been accepted. This should be received immediately after you make payment through our online service.

Looking for a team mate???

Send us an email and we will try to find you some teammates to take part in the event with!

Covid-19 Refund Policy

Should the event not run due to gathering restrictions the following refund policy will apply. So long as the restriction change is announced more than 10 days before the event (before Thursday 25th November) we will offer a transfer to the following year, or a 75% refund. If the change in restrictions is announced less than 10 days before the event we will offer a transfer to the following year or a refund that is considerate of the expenses already incurred. We would expect this to be somewhere between 25-50%.

Because of the timing of the event and the high concentration of other events over the summer we do not plan to postpone to an alternative date, the event will simply be moved to the 27th of November 2022.

General Refund Policy

Until 30th September - 80% refund

1st October - 21st November – 50% refund

From the 21st of November – no refunds

You can change team members at any time before the 28thst of November, simply email with the details of the new team member. Changes after this date will be at the Race Coordinators discretion. There are no refunds for transferring to a shorter event.