Event Information

The Crazy Kea Adventure Race

Details for the 2024 event will be updated when they become available, details from the previous event are below for reference. 

2021 Bulletin #1

2021 Important Covid-19 Information

2021 Final Bulletin

Event Timing

The race is on the 5th of December with race starts of:

12 Hour: 6am 

8 Hour: 8 and 9am. Senior female teams will start at 9am. All other teams including male, mixed, and junior female teams will start at 8am

4 Hour: 10am

The briefing will take place 15mins before the event start. The prize giving will be held as soon as possible once most teams have finished, around 2pm for the 4 hour, and 5pm for the 8 and 12 hour events.

Team Size

You can race in a team of 3 or 4 people.

Team Categories

There are 2 age categories available in each race duration, Junior, and Senior. All members in a Junior team must be under the age of 20 on race day. Family teams consist of at least one adult (over 20) and any number of juniors. The Senior age category is then split into Male, Female, and Mixed gender categories.

The minimum age to take part in the event is 10. Any competitors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.


Prizes will be given to the team with the most points in each category. Thanks to our generous sponsors we will have a fantastic array of spot prizes that everyone will go into the draw to win.

Support Crew

No support crews are required. This creates an even playing field and means you don’t have to rope in support crew. 

The races will start and finish in the same place so you don’t have to sort any transport. There is a bike drop, this can be done on Saturday evening after 5pm or Sunday morning. You can leave your helmet, bike shoes, and any other bike gear with your bikes to collect when you reach the transition.

Spectators are welcome to head to other points on the course to take photos and cheer their team on but they cannot provide any assistance. For safety reasons supporters should not venture on course without checking with the organisers first. Teams must be self-sufficient while out on course. 

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

Due to the more remote terrain this year we are requiring all teams in the 12 hour event to have and carry a PLB with them at all times. If you don't have one they are available to hire from a number of outdoor shops, see this list for some options.

Compulsory Gear

Individual (must be carried by each person)


Gear Check

This will be at the registration. You will need to have and carry the items on the gear list. We will also collecting the cell phone number from the phone you will be taking.

There will be spot gear checks during the race and if you don’t have an item a 1hr time penalty will be given to your team.

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their equipment (including bike) is in good condition. However the event organisers reserve the right to prevent participants from starting if they feel that the condition of their equipment poses a risk to themselves or others. 

Looking for a team mate???

Send us and email and we will put a post up on our Facebook page to try find you a team! We currently have someone who is keen to join a fit team for the race, so get in touch if you need an extra person on your team.


In extreme weather or Force Majeure the event may be cancelled at any time. In this situation entry fees are non-refundable, although we will do our best to reschedule the event.

Should the ongoing pandemic affect the running of the event we will endeavour to either alter the event format so it conforms to the current restrictions, or postpone it to another suitable date. In the unlikely event that neither of these options are possible we will offer a partial refund of entry fees.