Final Info

The Crazy Kea Adventure Race

Event Location

The bit that you have been waiting for! We are excited to announce that the event centre will be at Glentunnel Domain off Glentunnel Domain Road.

For those arriving for one of the later events (4 and 8 Hour) please take extra care as there will be runners and cyclist crossing the road in places and using the driveway as you are heading in to the event. Likewise if you choose to leave before the final prizegiving take care as there may be runners and cyclists around.

Registering and collecting Race Packs:

You can collect your race pack and register at Further Faster, Buchan Ave from 10am - 4pm on Saturday 4th December, the day before the race. Your race pack contains your maps, course notes, final instructions, and some goodies for your team. We strongly encourage you to pick up your race pack on Saturday the 4th so that you are ready to go on Sunday morning. For those travelling from out of town who can’t make it to Further Faster on the Saturday, you can register on the day at the event centre.

Gear checks:

Please remember that team or individual gear-checks can happen at any time prior or during the event. You will be penalised or even disqualified if you don’t have the correct equipment.

Race Rules

Please ensure that you have read and understood all of the information on the Race Rules page. These rules are there to keep you and your fellow competitors safe, as well as looking after the land we use. Any person or team who breaks these rules will be penalised, ranging from a time penalty to immediate disqualification depending on the severity of the actions.