Bivouac Outdoor Canterbury Adventure Race

Start location

The start of the 6 Hour and 9 Hour events is at the Ashley Picnic Ground on the north side of Rangiora next to the BMX Track.

The start of the 3 Hour event is at Woodend Domain, next to the carpark.

Getting there and parking (6 and 9 Hour)

For competitors in the 6 and 9 Hour events there is no on-site parking available, you will be directed by a marshal to the drop-off area upon arrival. We recommend coming in one car and arriving 45 minutes before your events start time, it is important that your team is quick and efficient during the drop-off process to reduce congestion. Allow a bit of extra time if you didn't collect your race pack on Friday. The picture below shows where to turn into the Picnic Grounds.

Getting there and parking (3 Hour)

For the 3 Hour event there is parking available along Woodend Beach Rd and Ferry Rd. Follow marshal instructions on where to park when you arrive. Again we recommend arriving 45 minutes before the start, more if you haven't collected your race pack.

Finish location

The finish for all events is at the Pines Beach/Kairaki Hall. There is parking available on the streets around the finish, just be aware that there may be runners and bikers around.


The races do not start and finish in the same location. You will need to either be dropped off at the start by a friend, or driven back to the start afterwards to collect your vehicle. Travelling directly from the start to the finish will take less than 30 minutes.