Event Information

Geraldine Adventure Race 

Details for the 2025 event will be updated when they become available, details from the 2023 event are below for reference. 

Event Timing

The race is on the 2nd of April with a race start of 9am for the 6 hour course and 10am for the 3 hour course. You should aim to be at the event centre 1.5 hours before your start. The prize giving will be held once the last teams in each event have finished, around 2pm for the 3 hour and 4pm for the 6 hour. 

Team Size

You can race in a team of 2, 3, or 4 people.

Team Categories

There are 3 age categories available in each race duration, Student, Adult, and Family. All members in a Student team must be currently enrolled at either primary or secondary school. All members in a family team must be from the same family, including at least two generations. These age categories are then split into men's, women's, and mixed categories.


Prizes will be given to the team with the most points in each category. Thanks to our generous sponsors we will have a fantastic array of spot prizes that everyone will go into the draw to win.

Support Crew

The race is unsupported. That means you have to do all your transitions yourself. This creates an even playing field and means you don’t have to rope in support crew. For student teams we allow an adult to assist with transitions. Friends and family are of course welcome to come to cheer you on and take photos. For safety reasons supporters should not venture on course without checking with the organisers first. 

Looking for a team mate???

Send us and email and we will put a post up on our Facebook page to try find you a team! 

Compulsory Gear

Individual (must be carried by each person)


Gear Check

This will be at the event centre before the start. You will need to have and carry the items on the gear list. We will also collecting the cell phone number from the phone you will be taking.

There will be spot gear checks during the race and if you don’t have an item a 200 point penalty will be given to your team.

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their equipment (including bike) is in good condition. However the event organisers reserve the right to prevent participants from starting if they feel that the condition of their equipment poses a risk to themselves or others.