Race Rules

Bivouac Outdoor Canterbury Adventure Race 


Each competitor enters under their own responsibility. They can judge whether they should participate in the event, start, and continue to the finish line. However, the organisers reserve the right to stop a competitor or team from setting off or continuing in the event should it be deemed necessary.

Cut Offs and Alternative Courses

The organisers reserve the right to impose cut off times on sections of the race for logistic and safety reasons. These are designed to make sure all teams enjoy the day out and make it back to the event centre before dark.

Placings and Awards

Placing is based on points. The team that collects the most points within the time limit will be the winner. If two teams have the same number of points they will be placed on finish time. Teams with a lower number of points will place behind those with a higher number of points irrespective of finish time. There will be a points penalty for teams who arrive back late. 


Spectators may view the race from any publically accessible location (including the event centre) and they are responsible for their own safety when doing so. Spectators may not go onto private land upon which the event is taking place without explicit permission from the race organisers. Special care should be taken when viewing from areas with possible hazards such as farm equipment, stock, water bodies, and cliffs. Young children should be supervised at all times.


Teams must carry all compulsory equipment as per the gear list. Failure to do so will result in either a penalty or disqualification. There will be spot checks carried out by marshals on the course and before the event starts.


Any protest must be filed with the race organiser within one hour of finishing the race. This will then be reviewed by the race organisers to determine the outcome.


In the case of withdrawal of a team member or the entire team during the race, the team captain must inform the organisers by any means available in the shortest possible time. Failure to do so may result in a search and rescue operation. For a team to proceed onto a new stage they must have at least 2 team members.

Time Penalties

These will occur for any breach of rule or regulation and littering.


Unfair behaviour or behaviour that brings the race into disrepute, use of unauthorised equipment and abandonment of team member during the race.

Teams will be disqualified if they break any of the road rules.

Safety / Security

The race will be supported by comprehensive safety back up. Marshals with knowledge of the course will be placed at each transition area. These will be coordinated by a central control team that will keep a tab on the progress and whereabouts of each team.


All participants compete at their own risk and the organisers will not accept liability for any personal accident or injury during the event. A liability waiver form must be signed by each team. Competitors should ensure that they are adequately insured.

Consideration for the land

To enable us to run this event we have sought permission from various landowners. It is important that we treat the land that we pass through with respect. To this end, it is a requirement that all teams carry out their own rubbish. Any team seen to be littering will receive a penalty.

All gates must be left as they are found. If you choose to climb over a gate please do so at the hinge end.


Team members must respect instructions given by officials and must also follow their decisions regarding health, security and safety.