Crazy Kea Events

Creating exciting adventure based events in Canterbury and beyond! 

Geraldine - 2nd April 2023

3 and 6 Hour Adventure Race

Canterbury - 19th August 2023

3, 6, and 9 Hour Adventure Race

Canterbury - 2024 Date TBC

4, 8, and 12 Hour Adventure Race

16th Feb - 2nd March 2023

Port Hills Weeknight Trail Running Series

Lees Valley - 21st May 2023

3 and 6 Hour Rogaine

Adventure Racing is an exciting & challenging team sport. It involves travelling on foot and by mountain bike to collect checkpoints marked on a map. The course will take teams on an exciting, cross country adventure through native bush, streams, farmland and trails.  The course will be kept secret until the day before the race and you will receive your maps with your race packs so you can plan your strategy and route choice.

“A really awesome event that was excellent value for money. Personally I think the difficulty was just right, challenging but still achievable. I’m certainly eagerly awaiting news of any future events you organise!"

— Participant of the Banks Peninsula Adventure Race