Final Information

Geraldine Adventure Race 

Email sent to teams 7pm 26/03/2023

Registering and collecting Race Packs:

You can collect your race pack and register at the Village Inn (41 Talbot Street) from 4 - 6pm on Saturday the 1st of April, the day before the race. Your race pack contains your maps, course notes, and scorecards. We strongly encourage you to pick up your race pack on Saturday the 1st so that you are ready to go on Sunday morning. For those travelling from out of town who can’t make it to the Village Inn, you can register on the day at the event centre

Event Location:

This year's event will be based at Kakahu Angus. We gratefully thank Tom and the whole team there for allowing us to use their property for this event, please treat it with respect and don't leave litter on the course.

To reach the event centre please use the following directions:

Follow SH79 inland for 5km before turning left onto Brenton Road. Continue along Brenton Road for 4km before turning right onto Winchester Hanging Rock Road. Continue for 5km before following signs to the parking area. 

For 3 Hour entrants who are arriving after 9am please take care along Winchester Hanging Rock road as there may be cyclists and runners from the 6 Hour event using or crossing the road while you are driving to the event centre. 

Event Timing:

We recommend arriving at the event centre 1.5 hours before your start to give you plenty of time to get yourself sorted. There will be a briefing 15 minutes before the start of each event, 8:45 for the 6 hour and 9:45 for the 3 hour.

The prize giving will be held once the last teams in each event have finished, around 2pm for the 3 hour and 4pm for the 6 hour. There will be food and drinks for sale at the event so bring some cash with you for that.

Gear checks:

Gear checks will be done on Sunday morning before the event starts, please remember that team or individual gear-checks can also happen at any time during the event. You can be disqualified or penalised if you don’t have the correct equipment. We’ll also need you to confirm your team’s cell phone number – hopefully the same one as recorded on your entry form.

Team changes:

There are no more changes or refunds able to be processed before the event. Please discuss any changes with the team at registration on Saturday evening.

Support Crew:

The race is unsupported. That means you have to do all your transitions yourself. This creates an even playing field and means you don’t have to rope in a support crew. For student teams we allow an adult to assist with transitions. 

Friends and family are of course welcome to come to cheer you on and take photos. For safety reasons, supporters should not venture on the course without checking with the organisers first.

Terrain Notes:

The terrain for the MTB is generally smooth, rolling gravel roads with some short climbs and descents. There are no technical sections, but a mountain bike is strongly recommended.

The terrain for the Trek is generally quite rough with long grass concealing uneven ground and rocks. We encourage you to consider ankle strapping or bracing if you’ve had previous issues with your ankles or are concerned about the possibility of a sprain. If there has been recent rain some parts of the course will be very slippery, particularly the rocky areas.

Race Rules

Please ensure that you have read and understood all of the information on the Race Rules page. These rules are there to keep you and your fellow competitors safe, as well as to look after the land we use. Any person or team who breaks these rules will be penalised, ranging from a penalty to immediate disqualification depending on the severity of the actions.