Event Information

Crazy Kea Autumn Rogaine

Details for the next event will be updated when they become available, details from the 2023 event are below for reference. 


The location for the event is Lees Valley Station, starting and finishing at the Wharfedale Homestead. This is approximately a 1-hour drive from Oxford and around 2 hours from Christchurch. Lees Valley Road is gravel and can be rough in places but is passable for AWD and 2WD vehicles.

To get to the event centre follow the directions below:

There is no cell phone coverage at the event centre, on the course, or on Lees Valley Road to and from the event.

Event Timing

The race is on the 21st of May, registration will open at 8:30am and there will be a rolling start window from 9am until 9:30am for the 3 and 6 hour courses.

Team Size

You must be in a team of at least two people for this event.

Timing and Scoring

The clock will start at the beginning of the race. Your team will record their visit to each checkpoint. If you decide to rest at a checkpoint, the clock doesn’t stop.


Prizes will be given to the team with the most points in each category. Thanks to our generous sponsors we will have a fantastic array of spot prizes that everyone will go into the draw to win.


Friends and family are welcome to come along to the event to cheer you on and take photos. For safety reasons supporters should not venture on course without checking with the organisers first. 

Minimum Compulsory Gear (3&6hr)

Individual (must be carried by each person)

Team (at least one of each per team/individual)

Carrying a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is strongly encouraged but not required. 

Gear Check

Your team may be asked to complete a gear check before or during the event, if you don’t have an item a penalty will be given to your team.

It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their equipment is in good condition. However, the event organisers reserve the right to prevent participants from starting if they feel that the condition of their equipment poses a risk to themselves or others.